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August 21, 2017  

This was all the work of Algernon. And you can be part of it for 30 ballers. Just 30 american ballers.

Topics include: Not Sorry For Party Rocking; Madiha is grateful to Activision-Blizzard for lesbian representation (for money); We're going back to our bullshit with For Honor, again; Esther is transported to a faraway land, to a world where slimes rule, Slime Rancher; Stardew Valley Farm Wives coming in 2018, certified woke; please buy me Player Unknown's Battlegrounds, on steam; Guild Wars 2, the MMO you can actually play with your friends; Studio Ghibili's new anime for grown-ups; a historiography of harem anime by Madiha N.; the rise and fall of Tech TV and G4-TechTV; BETTERMAN, an anime cryptid; Danger & Eggs is a show (the media maidens haven't watched); spicy food discourse.

Read some Solstice War fanfiction here and here. (And read the actual thing too.)

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