Transmediacrity A podcast about media through an analytical, admiring and alternative perspective.

August 21, 2020  

When an evil assassin lady with huge titties wants to kill him? He dies. He's extremely killed. Because what the fuck is he doing to do against an assassin lady with huge titties? He fucking dies that's what.

Topics include: ASMR; losing all the skin on your hands, but growing as a person; Madiha dislikes Isekais...except one; Re:Zero, Starting Life In A New World; the kinds of heterosexual romances that Madiha would like; the Isekais Madiha likes; in-depth discussion about whether it was necessary for the cute girl to get horribly dismembered; brief Do You Love Your Mom talk?; XENOBLADE CHRONICLES SPOILERCHAT From 34:00 to 1:42:10 on the track; also an ORAL HISTORY, worth listening to; dorky ineffective Homuras.

* * *

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