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July 3, 2020  

I'm gonna kill and oppress all of these rioters, I'm Ch'en! I'm gonna kill these oppressed rioters, blue lives matter! I'm Ch'en and everybody wants to fuck me because I'm a hot dragon girl!

Topics include: we are not back because things are "normal"; extreme person; Madiha has been writing again!; it has maize; PSO2 chat; mindless, brain-dead easy; i will not play it with you if you ask; Arknights Contingency Contracts; does Madiha like the current Arknights events and stories? can you guess?; your name is "bitch" now; the worst fucking companies in China and Korea; Yakuza mobile game; MENACING MEN; Madiha and Esther go over the hits and misses and bizarre shit in the PS5 reveal event.


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