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June 12, 2020  

This is a pre-apocalypse podcast from like two months ago. Enjoy our naive May musings and remember: all cops are bastards!

Topics include: the all-encompassing presence of the old ones; one month ago when we recorded this podcast, May had been the worst month of our lives, FUNNY ENOUGH ITS ONLY GOTTEN WORSE; review of Mango Loco Monster Energy Juice; it's got all the -tines; GACHA GAOL IS BACK; the Symphogear game was more boring FGO, and its getting cancelled; Madiha's been google translating chinese Schwarz x Ceylon arknights ABO fanfics; we talk about the Arknights beach event that happened a month ago and not about the newer, worse event that happened more recently; coppity cop fucking cops; this bitch owns an entire mall; Madiha's solo arknights episode; Girls Frontline DJ Max Respect introduces us to Thunder x Callico; too capitalism poisoned to write fanfiction; Bemani Or Konami; youtube videos to vibe to; train POV videos; oceanography footage videos; WE FINALLY TALK ABOUT BLOODBORNE; much more interesting than any of the Dark Souls Dark Souls games; a much more anxious and tense experience; huge chuuni about the trick weapons; insight; kirkhammer go BONK; chalice dungeon disappointment.


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