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May 22, 2020  

Why the fuck would I have a subscription to Disney Plus? What the fuck would I watch there? There's no Chinese movies there.

NOTE: We are aware of the like 4 seconds of dead air near the start. Use it to reflect, and for wellness.

Topics include: Corona coping; DON'T GO OUTSIDE even if the media and managerial class ask you to; Esther played the Receiver series! hardcore sidearm sim with a side of MKUltra mind control; THE MIND KILL; afraid of your own gun; pick up the floppy, it's just there; Madiha cope-bought a PS4 with her girlfriend; the experience of setting up a PS4; the God Eater 3 theme; Free Shit Is Free; Final Fantasy Remake; Madiha's experience with FF7 original (it's limited, folks); Aerith is the baby who is done being nice and wants power; talking about the ghosts; metanarrative; a part of disc one of a multi-disc game; finally talking about the gameplay; worldfeel; Chadley; no regrets buying a PS4 slim, everything runs perfectly fine; brief death stranding talk; gotta play it to get it.


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