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July 31, 2017  


Madiha is a gambling addicted loser-cat. Meow. Esther is unsettled but curious.

Topics Include: GACHA GAOL: What the fuck is Fate Grand Order; we regrettably discuss the Sword Art Online gacha game; Madiha's very specific bodysuit fixation; NO REALLY WHAT THE FUCK IS FATE GRAND ORDER; Fuck Terra Battle 2; Give me 1000 Magic Stones, and I will stop; the Stormblood early access period was a trainwreck; Madiha's mic falls on her minions capri sun; ANIME OF THE YEAR ALL YEARS KAKEGURUI, A HORNY PETPLAY SHOW ABOUT LESBIANS GAMBLING; Esther's mic falls on Madiha's minions capri sun; tomato...

Click here to experience Raubahn for yourself.

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