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May 11, 2020  

Nobody has any money! Who the fuck are you gonna side-hustle??

Topics include: a gentle reminder to be kind to yourself during the global apocalypse; ignore the productivity porn; install a gacha game; talking about them GACHI GAMES with Girls Frontline: Continuum Turbulence; Madiha's tragic tale of being stuck at the finish line; deep Girls Frontline lore; Honkai Impact comedy events are SO BAD; PREMIUM FRIDAY; Esther talking about Granblue again; the yandere arcarum evoker; GENSHIN IMPACT, Mihoyo's technical masterpiece; watch Madiha's videos on it!; idle thumbs is trapped in terrorist town; its megaman battle network but its INDIE, One Step From Eden; Esther is done being nice.

Looking for that Genshin Impact video playlist? It's right here fam.

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