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March 9, 2020  

There was this guy who came into all of our lives. His name is Bernard. And he has given me complicated feelings.

Topics include: Giving you fuckers what you ask for; why I am going out to vote for Bernie; democracy is still horseshit; mass power, grappling with class consciousness in America; the FBI party; Mass; go outside and do stuff; BACK TO THE MEDIA SHIT; Madiha is obsessed with WORLD OF HORROR; junji ito hypercard; biting all the fucking monsters with the biting spell; case of the scissor lady; the curious case of evolving eels; your childhood best friend gives you GREAT BUFFS; Esther is still down the YAKUZA KIWAMI 2 rabbit hole; j-drama, not a telenovela, for the regionality; beating up guys and eating food; serious konbini nonsense; grown man destroying kids at stock cars; Madiha played another roguelike, METAL UNIT; wanna know why Madiha picked this one?; killing maple story blobs; mecha dashing around shooting guns at slimes; it's the horny bodysuits.

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