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December 22, 2019  

Take a moment of history where real shit happened; make it anime; and make it tactical. That's all I've ever wanted.

Topics include: I'm Media; Madiha has been doing some uncharacteristic things, like reading an isekai light novel called "I Favor The Villainess"; but this one is GAY; light novel gang shit; the edgy era of light novels; Madiha has ALSO been playing a visual novel...with TACTICAL ELEMENTS, it's BANNER OF THE MAID; there are plenty of maids in this setting; Napoleonic Fire Emblem; brief aside about napoleonic wargaming; muskets are melee; going over the classes and weapons; little baby bitch difficulty; everything that I wanted Fire Emblem Three Houses to be; Madiha exposits about Napoleon's Italian Campaign; Marie Antoinette is mommy; only slightly yuri; have your favs deposed the monarchy; Esther played BUG FABLES, a bug paper mario-alike; whacky stuff you can do with badges; BUG COOKING; bug world lore; we know about the Dangen situation, but without knowing more, please don't punish Moonsprout Games; CODE VEIN SPOILERCAST FROM 1:09:30 to the end of the episode! Listen if you wanna be spoiled on our new favorite game!


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