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November 17, 2019  

Millions of dollars have gone into saying the stupidest shit I have ever seen and heard and I'm down for it.

Topics: Madiha's tail is bushy; PSA: We're sick of Fire Emblem Three Houses; Esther is a normie; we talk about Death Stranding from like 12:00-44:00, read an article or something if you want someone who is thinking too hard about this game, we're only hype; Madiha CANNOT become the Emperor of Rome in IMPERATOR: ROME; the tutorial is still not good; clicking the gender equality button; the ballad of Apullia Maxima, the mommy legion commander; its time for the FILM MAIDENZ to talk about some classic cinema! Madiha and Esther watched Andrei Tarkovsky's SOLARIS; high concept at 1:20:00, but basically spoilers until like 2:00:00; we tell Madiha "ok boomer."


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