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October 25, 2019  

If you can get the headwind? You can bolt with ALL the liquor you want.

Topics: We have to talk about blizzard; Madiha's vacation report; brief Honkai Impact talk; the actual GACHA GAOL, a Touhou gacha came out! Esther plays Touhou Cannonball; over 40 dollars a ten roll! *heavy breathing*; board game with rpg elements; Letty Whiterock rate-up banner; Madiha briefly remembers what a bad time Game of Dice was; economic, cultural, military victories; you should know that; Madiha is successfully advertised by steam and bought Sea Salt! a lovecraftian action-strategy game; Herzog-Zwei alikes; terrorizing villagers; kiting with your last living cultist; killing babies; holy skeleton lady; strategy adjacent games going back to herzog zwei; Esther paid 30 dollars for Indivisible 4 years ago; it's just alright; valkyrie profile alike; shonen plot flavored up a bit with mythology; meathead girl; metroidvania stuff; shovel knight is going to be there; zone-tan cum potions; it's a lab zero game, and it's SO far back in the queue.


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