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September 18, 2019  

I was legitimately contemplating the thought that real demons existed.

Topics include: Breaking your ribs again on labor day; ..................yeah; kids, just warm the seat!; when your time to play Xenoblade Chronicles 2 becomes a nap; predictably regimenting your day; Madiha has lost, CONTROL, a new game from the Alan Wake people; 260 super; getting video games with your graphics card; A.I. Apocalypse Psycho Esther; throwing a man counts as the "heavy" damage category; running up against the barriers; punching up the dialog line by line; fake stupid game journalism numbers; buying a Digital Deluxe Edition; Esther played DEADLY PREMONITION, zach; how disheveled is your york?; the PC version is dogshit; what will we do for the Hornyween Titstorm?; Deadly Premonition 2 hype; Xenoblade is Nintendo's "Tales of;" the Pokemon gacha is not yet worthy of a gacha gaol segment; getting your mind blown by Pokemon Gold & Silver when you were 12 years old.


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