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September 1, 2019  

Rhea would not be able to get these teens to learn to ride horses without me. The horse-riding book is collecting dust.

Topics include: Escape the Prohibition with Drïnk; Nintendo Switch Online is underwhelming; the NES emulator is tiresome; kaizo gradius; tangent: trying out the steam link in-home streaming; Madiha finished Fire Emblem three houses and gives her verdict; fun facts about Madiha; no motivation to do the other routes; i kin Edelgard; A. White Mann; just do milf route; Edelgard is so powerful that her route is shorter; Madiha wanted a switch exclusive that would last her a while, so she picked up Xenoblade Chronicles 2!; the nintendo e-shop is full of trash; the horniest Xenoblade game; age indeterminate teen boy; ITS THE SAME FUCKING STORY AS ELEMENTAL GERAD; shounen anime writing; its really fun; SCOTTISH CATGIRL; 8-bit Minigame you MUST PLAY; a desire to own f1 car models; Sucker 4 Tsunderes; the SYSTEMS; rollin' for those RARE BLADES; DOOM? WITH *THESE STICKS*?; all of Esther's friends got into TOUHOU for some reason so she also got into TOUHOU; Madiha is not back into Touhou; Imperishable Night; a phantasmagoria shaped hole in my memory; Cirno is what peak performance looks like for fairies; who is the bustiest touhou; INVITE MADIHA TO THE TOUHOU PODCAST.


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