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August 16, 2019  

Nobody knows what guarana is. Nobody knows what guarana is or what it is doing to my body.

Topics include: Madiha enters the normie mindset; Esther's coffee misadventure; Madiha buys a nInTeNdO sWiTcH~; the Experience; i don't want to play Wolfenstein on it; let Madiha be messy; early misconceptions about how to optimize your Fire Emblem: Three Houses playing from people who do not read any internet resources on how to play the game, don't call in, don't tell us about it, we don't care about your opinions; nightmare gamer girl Persona3-chan; Edelgard eliminated the Kulaks and all of the enemies of the people; deliciously authoritarian; Esther played Persona Q2, nintendo 3DS exclusive; everyone has the wildcard; Chie loves meat, Kanji is still repressed; the music is still good; the maidenz played Bloodstained! its one of those things again, you know the ones; castlevania man; janky menus and UI; it's acceptably fun, but lacking...quality-feel; Konami trademarked the good whip tech; Madiha's insane whining about hadoken motions.


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