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April 27, 2017  

Back of the box quotes for game of the year Nier Automata:

"I hate Nier Automata" -- Madiha, contributor, Gametops

"It just kinda, doesn't" -- Esther, contributor, Giantbong

Topics include. Esther opens a potion shop with Atelier Sophie; Madiha played so many fucked up f2p mmos like Skyforge, the actually good one; Revelation Online, it plays itself; Esther's doge, so wow; we don't know anything about World of Warcraft; Star Ocean as understood through a single lets play by some Brittish (?) boys; goof first and ask questions later; ARMORED WARFARE; the T-14 armata will protect the brave Russian Federal Forces; Dawn of War 3 fucking sucks; pour a fucking forty out for Force Commander Hairgel; GACHA JAIL Love Live vs. Idolmaster grudge match (except its really about Thor's ass for some reason); We Love Nier Automata, part one of three (????); For Honor creeps in again for a moment but we kick it back out; tips from the Media Maidenz on making friends on the internet; why the Switch online is troubling for chat purposes.

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