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May 19, 2019  

I thought what they wanted me to do with the final monkey was to throw myself in the pit and die.

Topics include: Madiha's haunted mic; we talk about fromsoft games way too much; Modern Warfare 4; immersive sims; please stop listening to synthwave; no videogames are coming out; Madiha is still playing Sekiro, and she doesn't care what you think about it; we need to collectively get over western fantasy aesthetics; the best one of these; bloodborne comparisons; highest highs, lowest lows; Esther discovered the true form of her tekken: Undernight In-Birth; what character are you labbing; the wiki says "this is why this character is hated"; The Wandering Earth, a Chinese sci-fi blockbuster; not at all like the novella it's based on; the earth is doomed five times in a row; fuck you dad I'm gonna complete the mission; shoot Jupiter.

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