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March 22, 2019  

I like characters who are fucked up and make weird faces at you all the time.

Topics include: Mailbag episode!; how are you enjoying granblue fantasy; Madiha is Vira kin now; do a Manaria Friends with Vira; digital fairy wings; cagliostro transgended; talking about the granblue fighting game and RPG; doing a bad job protecting the Earth; what webcomics do you like?; Madiha read all of 8-bit theater; pacing nightmare; trying to read Homestuck; trying to get into Kill 6 Billion Demons; the guy who drew Megatokyo became a dad and didn't have to draw anymore; Madiha's cell structure implodes as she remembers Drowtales; pay $10 to watch them fuck; fixing your early indiscretions; too much lore; what do you think about Project Stadia? it's gonna suck ass and die; Madiha still loves Left Alive; where is the dad who plays granblue??; would you want to hear about Madiha's awful D&D 3.5 powergaming adventures?; what edgy game do you want to see?; edgy Bang Dream!; edgy Kingdom Hearts (?); what podcast would you do other than Transmediacrity; Esther's Light Novel podcast; Esther's cool story idea.

KH3 spoilers end at around 1:30:30

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