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March 9, 2019  

Even if you're not slavic, we should all strive to be babushkas. Being babushka is a state of mind.

Topics include: catching up on my stories; Egao No Daika is the primitivist show of the season; Manaria Friends is still extremely horny; interesting new technology in yuri; Anne runs game on Grea; GACHA GAOL! Madiha got into Granblue Fantasy finally!; Esther trying for a decade to get Madiha to play; SSRisters; SNES JRPG gacha game; Esther played Resonance of Fate! it's the weird gun JRPG; talkin' about that Tri-Ace; transmediacrity dub correspondent; put your scope on top of your eotech; Cardinal Love Live; SUPERHOOOOOT (super cold); HERO POINTS; SLAV-90; hair color amnesia; Madiha stans a divisive game, LEFT ALIVE!; as usual subpar game journalists hate it, Transmediacrity loves it; Front Mission lore; the ultimate masocore stealth action game; ACAB, but she's hot; bleak wanzer piloting; i play Bayonetta because I'm a horny lesbian, leave me alone; Plumm is a charm point.

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