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February 15, 2019  

I piss on the Dassault Mirage. I take a big shit on the Eurofighter Typhoon.

Topics include: The Tale of Jodd Drogg; Madiha watched all of the Bang Dream! anime, the de-uguufied K-ON!; getting Poppin' Party together; Kasumi gets ethered by an old lady; Kasumi having character traits; every band an episode; Madiha declares war on all ships not her own; Esther is audio tortured by the bandori story scene BGM; in 2021 we are getting our girlfriends matching fightsticks; Code Vein shelved due to playtest feedback, but who cares? Madiha and Esther played God Eater 3!!!; you can keep Code Vein; braying hogs; God Eater has the best apocalypse; the punks and the emos will inherit the earth; a brief history of God Eater; Resident Evil levels of bio-lore; darker and edgier; the game that wasn't to be; differences from Monster Hunter; buy a shield!; anime cutscenes; we're devouring the rich, except for Hilda; Madiha takes to the skies with Northrop Grumman in Ace Combat 7!; sci-fi with military aesthetics; ARSENAL BIRD; what retro remake would the Maidenz like to see?; Esther calls out the sickos.

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