Transmediacrity A podcast about media through an analytical, admiring and alternative perspective.

February 1, 2019  

You can have safe fun in your house with arts and crafts, without leaving your house, or going out of your parent's sight ever.

Topics include: Pivoting the podcast; abandoned places; natural disaster podcast; battle royale podcast; half-remembered children's show concepts; DISGUSTED by clowns; Egao No Daika keeps being like it is; Victorious Madiha; Manaria Friends: Thicc Tail Horny; diet kakegurui levels; Esther's imaginary yuri show; FROSTPUNK taught Madiha to treat human lives like commodities; everybody talks about child labor; choosing Authoritarianism; Those Kids Are Never Gonna Grow Up; Esther set out on a quest for revenge in TALES OF BERSERIA; more combat system than expected; aftermath of a regular JRPG; the Pope is getting people hooked on the shit; RE2 is a scab game; brief talk about zombies; Madiha's forgotten preorder for BATTLEFLEET GOTHIC ARMADA 2; RIP cadia; Esther is playing Kingdom Hearts! Birth By Sleep; talkin' about that Xehanort; three campaigns; only anime kids; have a big ol' woody poster; a heartless took Madiha's heart; Xerthes and Adixham.

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