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January 18, 2019  

It's natural selection that artisanal soaps look like cake that I wanna eat and gobble up and put into my mouth.

Topics include: In 2019 we're upgrading to SSD brains; I know...diameatus; "fascinated" with harems; Madiha runs down the shows she's looking at in the WINTER 2019 ANIME SEASON (for one hour! we're so sorry!!!); Kakegurui is back with a second season; horny demon faces; crazy bitches; claymation faces in live action kakegurui; topping girls in the woods; The Magnificent Kotobuki, a show about cute girls doing paramilitary things; why are the girls 3D and nobody else is?; they know about aircraft; weed law sucks in Japan; dieselpunk two-car? (no); W'Z, a show about a teen who DJs shitty house music; Madiha goes on a rampage against euro house; i'm pumped down; throwing up gang signs to house music; the protagonist's love interest whose titties grow 3 cup sizes; the lesbian whose breasts are powered by Nvidia PhysX; WE NEED THE DREADFUL FOOT SHOW; The Price of Smiles, a big bang that could grow to host a galaxy brain; funny porn word; climbing back on-board for the mecha; teen guy with passion and will; making the little girl cry; Victorious Madiha; Madiha is a good person; after an hour, Esther finally gets a word in, because she played BLACK ROCK SHOOTER: THE GAME!; the last 12 people on Earth are gritty sketched metal gear boys; Miku shows up; White Rock Shooter; extremely sexy creatures; so much fretless bass; Black Rock Shooter x GFL collaboration of our dreams; MINI GACHA GAOL, get ready for Arctic Warfare in Girls Frontline!

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