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January 4, 2019  

We've definitely learned our lesson this time. Everyone's gonna be normal and cool in 2019.

Topics include: A shotgun is the safest thing to shoot at the sky; 20-Fine-teen; a continuing desire to see a game journalist fall to ruin because a gacha game got put on the ~switch~; I can't wait for Mym to be in smash; addicted to gambling; Aniplex sent me to Guantanamo Bay; for the new year's resolution, Madiha becomes the little alchemist girl in Atelier Sophie!; an unreliable introduction to the Atelier series; STOP MAKING THEM ABOUT SISTERS; deniably young adult teen; BARREL!; the girl whom flower petals fall around; IDEOLOGY; the transmisogynistic character that is NOT in Atelier Sophie and IS in AR TONELICO 3; Pamela's always a good girl who is a ghost; Esther falls the entire dream drop distance in...playing Kingdom Hearts 2 actually I just wanted to make that pun; the deep fucking lore; we played khux; pressing triangle is fun; the opening sequence is painful; GAWRSH SORA BE CAREFUL, THAT'S THANOS; Kingdom Hearts 3 will get the FF15 treatment; Fate similarities; WE DISCOVERED THE SECRET HISTORY; new years resolutions (GET MADIHA 1000 TWITTER FOLLOWERS), announcements about the youtube channel, and Madiha's quest to work herself to death in 2019. Would you join a Transmediacrity discord server? Would you kill a fellow poster in such a server?

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