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December 7, 2018  

Having to deal with your burgeoning sapphic feelings for this older girl...while also having to deal with your feelings towards 9/11.

Topics include: Why Madiha stays out of fandom; prosaic fanfiction settings; 9/11 AU; Die Hard AU; Russo-Ukrainian War AU; tumblr is dying, so fuck it!; Madiha read "Do You Love Your Mom And Her Multi-Hit Multi-Target Attacks?"; her answer is that she does not love that mom; fast food anime; mom garnish; the worst, horniest mom; Wise stealing the show; shitty gamer son; own your cliches; full course mom meal; a quick experience in depravity and an escape from social norms in Caves of Qud; Esther played Stella Glow, an RPG by some weird company she read about on Wikipedia; purchased fully legally, FBI; Image Pooch; two years of depression; bodysuit witch; it's a tactical RPG with Witches, like, Luminous Arc?; Fate/Extra will never be on PC; Curiouscat Question Time; what are the good trans animes? (umm); why don't you do conventions (no money); what games did you take forever to start?


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