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November 23, 2018  

I've been trying to keep my media consumption cali-free.

Topics include: She-Ra and the Masters of the Universe cartooniverse; you can't have a coffee shop AU with Mantenna in it; it needs to be more toyetic; yung skeletor; Madiha machine broke; the bad holiday where you have to eat with a bunch of people you don't like; breaking out of the GACHA JAIL where Madiha played Azur Lane because another gacha game was too bad; Ship girls look stupid; everybody wanna fuck the Atago; I like LESS gameplay in my gacha games; its like Girls Frontline but it did everything worse and it's hornier; Sega Heroes was the gacha game Madiha stopped playing to play Azur Lane; it sucks and looks like a flash game; we should've never left PAD; Esther is still playing Labyrinth of Refrain!; old school MSX dungeon crawler; titty lady sales; Handsome Fuck; the McElroy brothers are NOT dungeon delvers; shitty puppet shows; Madiha played HITMAN 2; it's Hitman 2016 but MORE and BETTER (and even includes Hitman 2016); make the wheel better; absolutely worth buying into right now at sixty dollars; elusive targets; you can steal valor; nobody suspects extremely buff bald scientist man; unhyped by FF14 (again); BLU Frienders; Viera talk; HELLWORLD, HELLWORLD; slavic Viera; if the Viera aren't tall, I'm uninstalling the game; what would your lives have turned out like if you could change on event in it but Mari Okada writes it; Pokemon Lets Go Piruruk; GAME JAM NEXT MONTH, SEND SUBMISSIONS.

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