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November 9, 2018  

The Gek? They got shooters out here. It's ME. I'm the shooters.

Topics include: Madiha learns to hate Mickey Mouse by going to a Disney themed outdoor shopping mall; the Media Maidenz are 2D; desperately awful game The Quiet Man is also racist; an IGN review angers Madiha; The Tragedy of the Kicks; the 4th Plot Twist; Esther reads a news post for the release of the translation patch of the game she played, Shin Megami Tensei: If; the prequel to Persona; the classmate is the route; dying for Guardians; ~~DEMONIC FUN~~; Madiha plays No Man's Sky! despite the bad launch, it's a fun survival game; Subnautice taught me why people play Survival Games; the Underwater Update; fixer-uppers; learning alien languages; two different approaches to Sentinels; terror of the deep; WARFRAME IS HAPPENING AGAIN BAYBEE (Esther is back at it again); liberating the work camps; SICK warframe skateboard tricks; motion sickness; THE GACHA PANOPTICON locks us into a fresh new gacha game, ground zero, you heard it here first, EPIC SEVEN; Smilegate, makers of Soulworker; its...Memoria Freese; the most beautiful graphics in any gacha game; the story is nothing; cool opening cutscene ruined by the music; the labyrinth is the fun part; groundbreaking gacha game feature, mulligan your 10-roll up to 30 times!; the worst dub voice acting since Chaos Wars; EPIC FAIL; send us more questions.

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