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October 26, 2018  

You may not have heard about it, but the Gen Z-ers are canceling everybody out here.

Topics include: a little disclaimer about consuming Japanese media as Westerners; it's our Halloween episode!; Madiha's greatest fear as a content creator; canceled several times already; don't blame Esther for the Year Of Horny; Hornyween 2018; Madiha played 30 hours of Conception 2: Children of the Stars! (for your sins); Conception 2.0 -- You Will (Not) Reverse Japan's Declining Birthrate; i'll keep complaining about Ar Tonelico; Catholic Puritannical Harem Game; how a Star Baby is born; can't go with Alec into the dungeon in a horny outfit; Persona 3 without Aesthetics; babies are better when commanded by their mom; Madiha loves tsunderes; it's barely even horny; THERE'S NO SHOWER SCENES; the lame charm of harem anime shit; Esther saves her deeply cleavaged girlfriend in Nights of Azure 1 *and* 2; Gust's reparations to the Lesbian community; Fullmetal Atelier: Sisterhood; steampunk goth horny; Hornier than Conception 2; like an early PS2 game; Arnice and Lillysse; a million discrete bones; YOU WILL BE CONFRONTED; the ballroom scene; style over substance aesthetic fast food; a game that is like a Lesbian AMV of another game; Nights of Azure 2, even gayer, even hornier; the Lilly system; tension with everybody; Madiha is still mad about Nier Automata; the TITSTORM.

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