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October 12, 2018  

I have literally never lied to you. I'm extremely honest and I do not lie.

Topics include: this is why Esther is a a guest; professional microphone man; breaking the theme of the themed episode; Transmediacrity stans one anime this season and its SSSS. GRIDMAN; so lame and dorky it warps around to extremely hype; Junk; the Trigger Cycle; the ANIMATION; work of modern art; Esther played an RPG, Labyrinth of Refrain! It's a Nippon Ichi game about a shitty lady!; Etryan Odyssey on PC; RPG Lets Plays; Tipping 40s; guys being dudes; Madiha and Esther are confined in GACHA SOLITARY CONFINEMENT at the GACHA SUPERMAX; Madiha plays "Is It Wrong To Pick Up Girls In A Dungeon? Familia Myth: Memoria Freese" that's the whole title; Madiha's gift and curse; flash game animations; secret Danmachi stans; harem shows Madiha likes; Esther played ShinNaZuki, a gacha cryptid that may well be a tax writeoff scheme; nobody knows about this game; unintelligible machine translation; Bratz doll models; mobile game plagiarism; TRANSMEDIACRITY CIVIL WAR; Nintendo coalesces all of the gacha demon shit in the world into Dragalia Lost, a game arguably less generous than Fate Grand Order!; a JPEG of a cake, and an imp; "diablo gameplay"; watch out for these fucky Myms; why are we talking about Conception II?; dorky little boy protagonist; Anti-Polyamory Mym; we have a nun and that's good; put all the granblue girls into Dragalia; deckbuilding tips in Magic: The Gathering Arena.

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