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September 28, 2018  

There is power in a union!

Topics include: You haven't had any good years; Madiha excoriates our despised mutant billionaire class; it is healthy to hate them; permaowned man elon musk; despicable rich inhuman alien freak jeff bezos; Telltale lays off 250 workers; Esther's Telltale Forums years; getting your post deleted by Jake Rodkin; solidarity for the workers; talking about scab labor; parallel structures; will you support the workers and the union, even as the corporation cracks down; Esther is "excited" that Let It Die is on PC! go kill some haters; Madiha does Alphascape alone (don't resubscribe to FF14); Battlefield 1 is basically free now on PC and you should go get it because it's fun; SHOUJO KAGEKI REVUE STARLIGHT SPOILERCAST FROM 57:00 to 1:40:00, various topics within, be forewarned; why is Esther interested in Scientology; what would Madiha look like as a Virtual Youtuber?

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