Transmediacrity A podcast about media through an analytical, admiring and alternative perspective.

September 13, 2018  

You're the kid from danganronpa and you have to shoot the truth bullets.

Topics include: EA's big loot box fiasco; EA is going to jail in Belgium; we got your back homie; one percent of 7.5 billion gamers who love loot boxes; the infamous plagues of King Herod; a very special episode about Games Journalism; justifying the drive-by; the fascist push against the press; that time Madiha was harassed; the time a spiderman video game billboard led to online harassment; Vice dot com verticals; that shithead who defends loot boxes on Polygon; Jeff Gertsmann excommunicated from Gamespot; who is the Commentariat, and what is their privilege of office; the limits of corporate outfits; Vox Media, literally founded by a democratic party strategist; epic blacklisted lady, Madiha; critiquing the media from the outside; unfortunately going on reddit to find game information; support indie criticism like ours or Timber Owls; RETWEET US; danganronpa; Saltybet; draw cool anime Madiha (the character from The Solstice War, not the author who took her own character's name in a fit of transgender extravagance).

Outro theme is "Discussion -BREAK-" from the DANGANRONPA ost.

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