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August 29, 2018  

In the depths of depression, I discovered King Vader.

Topics include: 50th episode milestone; the beginning of Transmediacrity; inspirations for Transmediacrity; the audio dump; Worst Idea of all Time; the verboten episodes; Ode To El Chapo; Questions!; MTGA problems; Esther urges you to play Pokemon instead; movies are too long now; Madiha mistakes Darude's album "Rush" for the single "Drive"; Esther listens to the Wickerman vinyl on Youtube; writing elitism vs. music elitism; why Madiha loves Trance; Juno Reactor; Madiha forgets the name of Juno Reactor's "Shango Tour 2001 Tokyo"; Fursonas and Madiha's disgust of anthro snouts; favorite animals; saving the worms; Madiha (the Solstice War character, not the hostess) in Warhammer 40k; The Fall of the House of Usher; Esther's reading tastes; Castlevania; Madiha cuts a promo; Transmediacrity is about not looking at popular stuff and instead talking about the sublimity of Darude for 15 minutes; Madiha's vacation.

Here's the link to Madiha's Spotify Radio Bangers playlist. It's random stuff from Spotify radio she liked.

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