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August 10, 2018  

I wanted to gain world class Tekken skills... to Perfect my girlfriend.

Topics include: Gamer holiday EVO; Punchboy Punchfights; Smash Brothers at breakfast so we do not have to watch it; The Switch Bastard; respect Melty Blood, disparage Arcana Heart; disrespect Mortal Kombat; finals Elphelt; the 12 year old who killed Daigo; watching EVO; Tencent bringing culture to games; why it's fun to watch DBFZ; He Came, He Saw, He Fursuited; Esther is back with the Shin Megami Tensei; the character Madiha likes; Press Turn on your phone; a 50% joke Lesbian character; Madiha played Metal Gear Solid 5; attention to detail; playing as a girl in a bodysuit; how to get a cold in MGS3; America delenda est; SEND US QUESTIONS; games we like that are bad; the most anime club anime.

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