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June 15, 2018  

I could say something smart about this, but I fucking won't.

Topics include: Boys whom cow; The Lament of Madiha, Movement XVI; it's the E3 show!; gamer holiday; Sony's E3 dumpster fire; shitty fucking Black Ops maps; it'd be cool if Cayde 6 died; Kingdom Hearts is a lot; Chain of Memories is cool; not caring about Nintendo; Yakuza on steam; TODD COWARD; 187 Hours Of Skyrim; Fallout 76 looks bad Todd; robots that talk about dicks; WHAT THE FUCK DID I DO ANYTHING FOR?; Madiha hates Wolfenstein but she'll play the new one because they pandered to her; Madiha also hates Cyberpunk and she's mostly incoherent about it; basically Madiha hates everything; stanning Deus Ex; Tomb Raider is back and MORE RACIST; it's Spec Ops: The Line; Battlefield V has Lesbians?; Waypoint's Lesbian Research; we're gonna start playing League again; I don't think you gotta honk that one out; Firefall 2, I mean Anthem; Mass Effect was bad, guys; once again, thank you @spacetwinks; a new Command & Conquer hurts Madiha; FMV Bald Man; Resident Evil 2 is GAME OF THE SHOW; stanning Leon Kennedy; Transmediacrity Game Jam created Hitman 2; Male Gaze Lesbian Minute, also known as The Last Of Us 2 trailer; Death Stranding fucking rules; WE STAN NARDACK; Madiha gives the last word on Neptunia.

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