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June 7, 2018  

AWWWW YEAH you're in FIRST PLACE! That's where we EXPECT YOU to be!

Topics include: The #2 LGBT Gaming & Miscellaneous podcast; Madiha has a message to LGBT listeners for Pride Month; you are all valid; Esther played Ar Tonelico 2! Mash x to protect the women; what you would have done with this; disgaea content; penguin mascot; proof that Madiha is not bisexual; shonenboy youngman; alternate universe haters know you're not a feminist; turn into a Kankel; retranslations won't solve what I hate about it; 19 FPS Dauntless Beta; Madiha bounced off so hard she [got gifted] Toukiden 2; not your daddy's monter hunter!; fully destroy all of this monster's arms; BRUTAL amputations; skill ceilings; the lament of the missing Nargacuga; Esther is fond of Dauntless, but Madiha...; a game that I pay for once and it doesn't exploit me for the rest of my life; UNPOPULAR monster hunter opinions; LIVE GOES TO THE EXTREME IN "THE CREW 2"; Red Bull RB-13; good at powerboating; Esther's stunt photography; white woman mom; horrifying player character face; long races nobody cares about this except (Video Game Hell's own) Cecilia, and Madiha; Madiha's theme song.

Music at the end is "Buying Goods At Palmira" from the Evergrace OST.

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