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May 18, 2018  

No, you idiot, I have critical thinking skills. I got them in College.

Keepin' it real: Half of this episode is a medicated, grumpy and ill Madiha being VIRULENTLY mad at a PS2 JRPG and its fans.

Topics include: Madiha kills Esther; MCU, transmedia properties, lore fandom, and having to be normal; Ar Tonelico, a PS2 RPG with absolutely no problems with women, extremely normal attitude toward women ahead; GUST playing the knockout game with Ar Tonelico lore fans; five conlangs; hero protagonist manboy teen; HERE'S HOW THE ISSUES GET FIXED; critical thinking skills; do the visual novel in the mentally ill girl's mind; BETTER THAN PERSONA; lore weirdos; one girl who can use a sword; im gonna have to defend that on the internet; LIVE TWITTER BEEF; 2016 disease got him; THIS SERIES DOES *NOT* HAVE A PROBLEM WITH WOMEN; learning with manga; Madiha is dying of disease; we all hope the coyote man will be okay; GACHA JAIL -- the new hotness, Girls Frontline; but first, Mihoyo's old shitty clipart games; a tactical boardgame military gacha game; Detroit Become Human gacha game; Rehabilitation Camp; Kancolle Nationalism; Springfield the bluecoat yankee doodle; clothing destruction; our 1 hour "mini episode."

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