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May 4, 2018  

It's really a struggle to explain how this one happened folks. NOTE: There's no real Infinity War spoilers in this.

Topics include: Infinity Wars; big Groot in Anaheim; Superman wants to have a word with Xanatos; the Revengers, featuring Batman; bedroom phrenology; Rocks For Jocks; bug lab; Coolgames Inc.; submit more game jam submissions; Golden Sun; Summon Night Swordcraft Story, they were too lazy, so it is gay; Esther played Battletech, an SJW pronoun x-com game about Mechs; it's not worth knowing shit about Robotech; Madiha as a 4chan chaos agent; the fucking guy from the first Avengers; it turns out the strongest boy was the Hulk all along; Madiha stans for Tony Stark for like 30 minutes; Warmachine; this one kills people now Tony Stark; Spiderman's girlfriend who always dies; the hoodie bodysuit girl spiderman; transmedia metanarratives; it is impossible to get into comics; being Vampires (???); the tight leathers on the lady in Underworld; Madiha played Magic The Gathering Arena; Madiha and Esther's MTG playstyles; Pokemon TCG; do not socialize in the hellworld of flesh.

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