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April 18, 2018  

It is downright offensive how cool and good the Media Maidenz are.

Topics include: Trick brains; for the kids, we explain what a Television is; Madiha talks about Formula 1 again; the Verstappen family racing curse; australian shoe drinking; PLAY FAR CRY 5 MULTIPLAYER ARCADE HERO IMMEDIATELY; the corporate curated experience of Far Cry 5; kidnapped 9 times for Jesus; collect an arms dealer's TED talk in Far Cry 2; Esther becomes the teen singing sensation of her dreams in Bang Dream!; it's not what it sounds like; a perfect daughter AND a large son in one package; a bandori feature all gacha games should have; Madiha bodysuits up and taps her thumbs sore in Honkai Impact 3rd!; a virtual pad action rpg on your phone that is GOOD; we struggle to explain the rich lore; the prequel manga about Bronya; slavic anime girls; Naruto but good and with girls; Kiana Kaslana is gay as hell; it's got a 3-difficulty story mode, base building, co-op, raids, shmup levels, craftable characters, EVERYTHING; JOIN THE TRANSMEDIACRITY ARMADA, "BETTERSTANS," FOUR SPOTS LEFT FOOLS; our top 5 Puzzle & Dragons crossovers; get the fucking hamburglar out of the gacha; Madiha's struggle to find fast food places in her college; El Caliente; I <3 PAD Bear; critters.

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