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March 28, 2018  

I just want to stress this: Gunther Steiner lost his entire team. He didn’t lose 20% of his team. He didn’t even lose 50% of his team. He lost his whole team. Look at what it’s done to him. You can see the death in his eyes, but he keeps on going. This is why Haas is one of my favorite teams.

Topics include: Esther (doesn't) replays Tokyo Mirage Sessions; Megaman Battle Network; the day was saved by a wifi dongle; we'll never escape Persona 5; screaming lunatics; anime episodes that got put off for natural disasters; perfectly recreating a night of TV Tokyo broadcasting; MADIHA TALKS ABOUT FORMULA 1 RACING FOR 1 HOUR, STRAP IN; first we gotta explain World Endurance Championship; COMRADE PASTOR MALDONADO; Madiha is a tifosi; yes I will watch this with you, Queen; solid red car; the Williams cant turn; Toro Rosso; staying up until 1 AM with your girlfriend; THE AMERICAN WAY; Max Verstappen was clowned by an idiot who tells people to suck his balls; the Haas team self-destructs; who wins, the four time world championship winner in the best car on the track, or one sneaky boi; the Fernando Alonso of doing your best; click here to look at a random steam game; how Esther and Madiha met; Madiha, the most valuable officer in the Yuri Free Company; Madiha's journey with heteronormativity and sexuality inspires the young people; commission Velt; RATE US ON ITUNES.

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