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March 14, 2018  

We don't do gimmicks. Everything in our podcasts just happens organically in a way that seems like gimmicks.

Topics include: YEAH; Esther's pavlovian torment of Madiha; the Fate/Grand Order board game will destroy us; Madiha's heinous childhood (cw: guns); protestant high school; buster cards; shitty Dissidia; everything about Grand Order is better than Stay/Night; Esther is BACK IN with Granblue; a character for everyone; predictably, Madiha dislikes new popular game INTO THE BREACH; sister show and main competitor; EASY MODO~; Madiha hates chess; Hoop Maidenz; Esther climbs a mountain in CELESTE; what's your percentage of Kaizo; the cowardice of the Code Vein soundtrack and our desire to play an AMV; REVENGEANCE; hot topic souls; 26 artists; we take on the malevils in chuuni action kmmo SOULWORKER; Madiha's desire for LARGE SONS; For Honor Is (Not) Fixed; Stella is a problem; Lilly Bloomerchen, asshole, chuuni; Esther watches LEGEND OF THE GALACTIC HEROES; the Solstice War's parallel development in good war fiction writing; it's a really good show; Endless Space 2 and Madiha's war stories; I AM HORATIO; why Starcraft blew up and Command & Conquer did not.

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