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February 28, 2018  

Once video games are banned, all of the problems will be fixed.

Topics include: Bad Bitch; how the Media Maidenz will live life after video games; are gacha games video games?; SAIBAAAAAAA; unofficial Gacha Gaol where we collectively despair about Game Of Dice; Esther encounters macro altera in Fate/Extella; do you like them big; deep rich voices; the sexy mystery of why Madiha likes Altera; musou talk and the ballad of dynasty warriors 9; early access eastern european action in Freeman: Guerilla Warfare; the Media Maidenz still appreciate the Wii U; Esther gave Tokyo Mirage Sessions yet another shot; Madiha didn't....; Make War Not Love; Madiha will SAVE THE CIVILIANS in Renegade Ops; your pal BIG BO; all of your playtime will be lost in Endless Space 2, like tears in the rain -- time for another turn; one complaint about the Endless series; Elves Are Basically The Brittish; Madiha loses her mind and says insensitive things; hot takes on light novels, isekai and web novels; Chapter 16.5; what if Nasu was a committed volcel; Sunrise's The Solstice War, (call Madiha, Sunrise); a restraining order on Studio Trigger.

ED theme is the opening song of Fate/Grand Order: Cosmos In The Lost Belt.

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