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February 18, 2018  

We act like there's one segment on this show called The Petty Corner. This is a farce; Madiha is petty the entire 96 minutes.

Topics include: Video games are dead on PC; we don't wanna remember when Transmediacrity started; GACHA GAOL the Kara No Kyoukai Garden of Sinners event in Fate/Grand Order is pretty okay; we demand Fate Extra on PC; make the Fate fighting game "a jumper one of those" "like Smash"; how the Fate MMORPG would've worked; Esther is still upset about Monster Hunter; in the Petty Corner, Esther despises you if you're enjoying Monster Hunter World, and Madiha loses her entire fucking goddamn mind for a bit (she is sorry); nostalgia for old Monster Hunter; Madiha was good at underwater combat and wants it back; Madiha and Esther's first consoles and console game history, as well as their first animes and anime histories; Esther the playstation kid; VECTORMAN; Madiha is still lost in Breath of the Wild in her girlfriend's Wii U that she has now; the desire to have game journalists ambushed by gacha games on the Nintendo Switch; the shmup gacha that Madiha invented in her mind palace; the dead sea dockets; what the fuck was happening with Tenchi Muyo's airing on Cartoon Network; NEXT ANIME CLUB IS GONNA BE SELECTOR INFECTED WIXOSS EVERYBODY, YOU HEARD IT HERE; one episode of Yugioh is enough Yugioh; Esther WILL PLAY BUTTERFLY SOUP 2 (guess who wont); Madiha wants every visual novel to tell massive war stories in perhaps the least reasonable thing she has ever said on this show!; life's not fair; which of the buttons on a VHS would make the strongest power; DO YOU REALIZE WITH MODERN TECHNOLOGY WHAT AN INTRICATE CHAO GARDEN THEY COULD MAKE; everybody HATES Sonic The Hedgehog; what we're doing to kids these days; what are the good tank games (these don't exist); the life of pablo; we're happy that despite everything the listeners watch the show; THE FINAL YAHOO.

Happy anniversary, Transmediacrity. You know what we're not celebrating? Casuls. You're everywhere, and you ruined everything.

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