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January 10, 2018  

2018 is a new year that happened. We all wish these would stop coming, but like video game releases, they're mysterious and inexorable.

Topics: Madiha holds a struggle session against herself; Waypoint published force-femme fanfiction and this is why our world was abandoned by God; Madiha Nakar alive in Waypoint forum; in 2018, hire more than one trans woman; first thing we did on new years; severe woke poisoning in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided; IF THERE'S TWO FUCKING BOXES; Deus Ex Gacha; Megaman Battle Network 2018, Megaman VS Meltdown; Esther fell down a Fate/ hole and played Fate/Extella and Fate/Extra; warez music; Elizabeth Bathory Is My Precious Daughter; Rock paper scissors; that dirrrrty SEXophone; Support Scathach; That New Touhou Came Out, Antinomy Of Common Flowers; Severe Fanon Poisoning; in 2018, ignore fandom and just get into Touhou; Scrollery is a difficult word for Madiha, who is hispanic; 2018 mission statements and melancholy; Esther will become a cryptid; Madiha will pace herself; call your representative to save the Destiny 2 Lets Play.

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