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March 7, 2018  

The Media Maidenz have escaped the otherworld and are back with episodes 17-19 of Sunrise's 1999 mecha horror anime, Betterman. These episodes are back to Better-form with new mysteries, new villains and new ways that science befuddles the Maidenz. No stone is left unturned as the Algernon investigation continues and raises new questions. Is Betterman good? Is Akamatsu the best dad of 2006? Are the new Betterman figures a manifestation of Madiha's mind palace onto the real world? Would fetus-eating Peter Thiel be a good Betterman 2018 villain? Is Betterman the vision of the aughts that Esther dreamed of? Are dream sequences cheap? Will Sakura recover from the brutal world wrestling entertainment-style shitikicking she received? If your mirror self told you to square up would they catch these hands? Do you want that meat? Gird your t-cells, grab some amino acids and give it a listen.

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