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February 8, 2018  

The Media Maidenz return to the swamp with episodes 12-14 of Betterman. We got all the stuff you crave; bugs, pheromones, nectars. Mouth play.

Halfway through the series, it's time to ask the tough questions. Did Yonetani demand the kink, and did he receive it? Are plants able to read human minds like polygraph machines (??)? Are mythical greek names overplayed? Should BPL foment communist revolution as a means to feed an expanding population? Is Betterman getting better(man) at scene spatiality? Is Betterman actually after all this time, a Kaiju show? Are the Neuronoids actually cool? Is the Miyako mouth stuff scene the worst scene in the anime -- and the worst sentence ever said in these podcast descriptions?

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