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May 31, 2019  

Wow! You ARE a 15 year old teenager, and NOT a 'kawaii' child!

It's episodes 6 and 7 of Akuma No Riddle!

Topics include: vocaloid lore; don't listen to our old episodes except betterman anime club; DON'T READ THE MANGA until after you watch the anime; manga differences; a whole entire ship cut out of the anime; Isuke backstory; Koukou just throws grenades; Esther examines the Akuma no Riddle fic scene; still doing Romeo and Juliet; the easiest way to trick Haru into dying; the catcher in the rye; Madiha played a priest (and never recovered); Suzu foreshadowing again; the bathroom thesis; how concurrently was this running with the manga?; Madiha and Esther rewrite the Hitsugi assassination; find all the hidden banbas; the spatiality of the Chitaru vs. Tokaku fight; after Shienna died so did her script; traumatized by a double suicide; yuri tropes but FUCKED UP; yandere Hitsugi; Isuke just wants to be a sugar mama; SWIMSUIT EPISODE!!!; manga!Suzu buying the swimsuits; Nio doesn't know what bondage is; the animators found one episode not to be horny in, and it's the swimsuit episode?; *jack bauer voice* TELL ME WHERE THE BOMB CODES ARE; split the watermelon (with my MP7); it's finally Shinya's turn to come out!; Shinya puts the middle finger up; Suzu the old teen; rewriting Suzu to have a personality; Esther's biggest crack ship she saw on Ao3; tfw no bf.

Ending theme is "Poison Me" from Akuma No Riddle OST.


1. No-Big-Deal Sympathy (Haruki's theme)
2. Paradox (Tokaku's theme)
3. Poison Me (Chitaru & Hitsugi's theme)
4. Concentration (Otoya's theme)
5. Suzukaze (Suzu's theme)
6. Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow (Haru's theme)
7. ACROSS THE FATE (Kouko's theme)

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