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May 11, 2019  

The Class President has the roster, so she can just strike you out and expel you. I've never been class president before, but I've watched many animes so I'm pretty sure that's a power they have.

It's Akuma No Riddle episodes 4 and 5!

Topics include: roommate shipping; the ship Madiha wants to see everywhere in yuri; suzu foreshadowing; dub performances; grape sodie; bath accessories catalog; this is how much the author knew about Christianity; a school building purpose-built for assassinating; chitaru and hitsugi are 15 years old; school tropes; did you forget the dwarf lore; donuts tangent; the 4th wonder of myojo; i love this shower UI; ah, damn, spirit santi, fuck; you suck at killing people; bombing is impersonal; haru could've avoided all this trouble; tokaku's titanium bra; kouko button mashing; turned into a plant; Madiha's cartoon microphone; cardinal sin of beats; tokaku's grandma says fuck off normies; maid cafe; it's a yuri show, so you gotta put on Romeo & Juliet; passionate and sexy Chitaru; banba soldiers on; better catholic representation; Madiha's leftube video essay about the bathing scenes in Akuma No Riddle; dissecting Haruki's motivations in the bath scenes; that nobody; mod of sekiro where it's Haruki; it's not shabu shabu; a breeze destroyed the audio; everybody's gonna come throw you a big party haru; the Haruki v. Tokaku fight; where does Esther get her memes from?; youre just gonna have to keep living; Haruki will make fun of you if you suck at sexting.

Ending theme is "No-Big-Deal Sympathy" from Akuma No Riddle OST.


1. No-Big-Deal Sympathy (Haruki's theme)
2. Paradox (Tokaku's theme)
3. Concentration (Otoya's theme)
4. Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow (Haru's theme)
5. ACROSS THE FATE (Kouko's theme)

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