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March 29, 2019  

I'm too misandrist to care about catboys.

New anime club! Season 4!! We're delving deep into 2014's "Akuma No Riddle."

Topics include: Black Rock Shooter won awards; fucked up title demanded by the license-holder; lesbian violence genre; manga adaptations; most yuri artists are freaks and weirdos; currently writing about a catgirl who fucks; the OP is kickass; time to shower scene (under a minute); assassin school; tropey moeblob; shark-toothed girl, a girl with DID, and a thot; animalized smell talk; omorice discussion; rotten ocean makes no sense; Mistress Isuke; ableism; clumsy butch-femme thing; Madiha's n-word card came in the mail; ending theme rankings.

This episode's ending theme is "Paradox" from the Akuma No Riddle OST.


1. Paradox (Tokaku's Theme)

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