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March 16, 2019  

The pain of having divorced parents; the pain of family court.

We're finally here! It's the end of Black Rock Shooter, and with it, the end of another season of anime club. Join us for Episode 8 and discussion about the OVA and pilot episode. Thank you so much for your support, and please tell us how we're doing! Stay tuned for Akuma No Riddle anime club!

Topics: Black Rock Shooter still owns; the pain of not being able to beat Saya in Third Strike; melodramatic characters can still be human in the right hands (that's not the case here?); in memoriam, Lucky Star; juicy fruit; mixed visual metaphors; did they have to rush to finish this?; i no longer really understand where all of this is really situated; it's red!; everyone is weeping; thicc blood; giant rainbow gun; reality is too frightening; you're just in the normal wasteland; insane black rock shooter was full of fucking feelings; oh, it's stupid; let's be in pain together; buy the pilot episode, get the OVA in a magazine; OVA vs. Anime, how they are similar, where they differ, what each story executes better; the origin of Dark Souls; the psychic palace of Transmediacrity has brought Black Rock Shooter back!; Saya never learned anything and should be in jail; less devastating than Wixoss.

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