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March 1, 2019  

Saya would get like 10 years with good behavior...actually what am I thinking nobody cares about these kinds of crimes, she'd be out in a few months.

It's Black Rock Shooter episodes 6 and 7! Oh no!

Topics include: an anime by former Lucky*Star staff; barbie doll naked; Psycho Black Rock Shooter; the technicalities of cutting Black Rock Shooter's arm off; audio editing failures; Kyo-Ani's deadly sameface; Saya is poor, but she's also an evil pervert; the fucked up ultraviolence of these episodes; THAT GIRL; Black Gold Saw sitting down; yung Saya; the fighting game words that Madiha knows; examining how sympathetic we are after the Saya flashback; It's Strength's World, You Just Live In It; That Girl; THAT'S WRONG; "I'm deleting this bitch;" least like a porno; Black Rock Shooter visual novel; Megami Magazine; the UN resolution to ban lolicon; they know you got the porn in the flash drive; millions of bullets; the Sakuga; fucky Mato camera; the Strength/Yuu switcheroo; Mari Okada 2, Transmediacrity 0; we do not condone American imperialism, but somebody should GET KONY; the prototype of “the Hitoe moment.”

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