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February 8, 2019  

You gotta do the cry. That's how they know you're serious.

The Media Maidenz cover episodes 4 and 5 of the Black Rock Shooter TV show!

Topics: the youtube channel is on hiatus; the new friend, Strength; an obsession with separating Chariot from her legs; SHE'S FOUL-MOUTHED; normally you don't fall unsconscious from a sprained ankle; inappropriate behavior from an educator; can't escape Saya; custom handshakes; she has hank hill ass; saggin' Saya; The Toast Scene; cartoon bitches; if only this show was subtle and artful; the Yuu Spot; hugging is too lewd for Noitamina; YOU COULDA BEEN NICE; the class character of the school; a thorough analysis of symptoms and behaviors of self loathing and depression by an expert, Madiha; beating your phone with a pillow; THIRTY-FIVE SECONDS; take the tiny bird challenge, send us a video of the tiny bird challenge; putting Saya on blast; infantilizing pervert; the many faces of yomi; step on me, Dead Master; Mato is a jock; I WAS NOT TAUGHT ABOUT THIS CARESSING CHILDREN SHIT; strive to maintain a meter distance from every child that exists around you; the true ending to the tiny bird book; the retcon ending of the tiny bird book; the increasingly brutal battles between Dead Master and Black Rock Shooter; dissecting the horror of the Saya and Mato scene; the bird is dead and you have to move on; Yomi's painting; another depressing story from Madiha's childhood; the most mature middle schooler; fake kiss scene; there's some BASIC BITCHES in shipping; Insane Black Rock Shooter; Balter; Black Rock Shooter gacha; arigatou-gozaimasu.

Cover art was photoshopped by Esther.

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