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January 26, 2019  

Please forgive my daughter, she has gone "sicko mode."

We're back with episodes 2 and 3 of Black Rock Shooter!

Topics include: Absolutely normal and not gay at all; the psychosexual tension we have come to expect and desire from Mari Okada shows; ADD headcanon; in-depth analysis of Mato's feet situation; WHY DON'T YOU PUT SHOES ON, DUMBFUCK?; the misremembered macaron force-feeding scene; she stares at Yomi's boobs; coffee talk; breaking down the ableism of Kagari's character and the Absolute Insanity of the hospital scene; first name basis gay scene; Mato slammin' and jammin'; she does the gay wiggle; green eyed jealousy; why do they keep talking about vomiting?; Black Gold Saw's dolls; it's Saya, the new problem!; Orange Time With Mato and Yuu; Koha's life falls apart overnight; DON'T BRING SAYA; Black Rock Shooter otherworld theories.

Outro theme is "Distorted Town" from the Black Rock Shooter anime soundtrack.

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